LA Girls Punk

This is one of the nine LA girls colors from my recent Cherry Culture haul. I went a little nuts. I already have another eight polishes in my wish list. Anyway, this is Punk from their Rock Star collection/ set.

From the bottle you can see that the main color is blue but it also flashes purple and gold at times. 

(in sunlight)
Punk, two coats. It’s a really interesting color. It has a blue base and tons of this foily shimmer. It’s really cool and super sparkly in the sun.

(in the shade)
I love this cerulean color that it takes on in the shade. Beautiful.

Here you can see the change from purple on top to blue on the bottom that you get at certain angles. Love it.
The formula was just about what I expected, a little sheer and needed at least two coats to be opaque. It was also a tiny bit watery and the brush had a tendency to pick up too much polish, so you definitely need to be extra careful and get excess polish off the brush. Also, you for sure need a top coat because this does dull out. But I have to say that removal was way easier than I expected. 

And just because it’s called Punk, I had to add a little punk to it with the anarchy A. I’ve always had a soft spot for punks, so I was really drawn to this color. 
You also may have noticed that I cut my nails and shaped them. Looking back they totally looked like witch nails and needed a good shaping. Do you like your nail short or longer? And what shape? 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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