Nailtastic!! LA Splash Retro and Metalmania

I received nail products from LA Splash in order for me to review them. They send me two nail polishes, a top coat and two nail art glitters. I will be reviewing one nail polish( Retro) and one glitter (Metalmania) below. 
This is what I received:
 Nail art glitter in Metalmania

Here I have two coats of Retro and a coat of LA Splash’s top coat. For the glitter I used one coat of the top coat and then dipped my nail in the little container. Then I shook off any excess glitter and finally put a top coat. It dried very quickly, I was pretty surprised. 

On my other hand I tried other designs.

Here I put another coat of the top coat on the tip of my nail in a straight line. Then I dipped it in the glitter and put a top coat on my entire nail.

Next I put top coat in a diagonal  and dipped it in the glitter. Then put a top coat.

I really love Retro, it’s a creamy minty green color. Also I only needed two coats of it to get the color and it dried fairly quick.

By the way I bet you are wondering why these nails look different than from the previous post, is because I am the one who post on makeup. However, I was sent these samples from LA Splash and then did this post. For my next post I will be reviewing the other nail polish and glitter they sent me.

Check out LA Splash’s website to see there other nail polishes.
LA Splash

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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