LA Splash- Mermaid Pink and Fashionista Glitter

So this is the second part of the LA Splash products I was sent. In this post I will swatch and review LA Splash’s nail polish in Mermaid Pink and their Fashionista glitter. Check out this post,
Let me first apologize for only using one nail, but while doing my nails I had a little accident and dropped the entire glitter. Now just imagine the mess of glitter I have all over my room. After this post I will try to pick up as much glitter as I can and save it.  If I succeed then I will make another post. 

 Two coats of Mermaid Pink and LA Splash top coat.

Then dipped in Fashionista glitter and top coat.

 Two coats of Mermaid Pink on the top half of my nail.

Next I dipped my nail in the Fashionista glitter and then put a top coat.

The glitter has smaller pink glitter and bigger silver glitters. Since the nail polish is pink it is hard to see the pink glitter. And that is why you see the silver ones in the photos. I think the glitter is very easy to use and you can create very unique looks. However, just be careful with not getting any in your eye and try not to be clumsy like me.
Visit: , to see all their products.

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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