LA Girls Supernova

The final Rockstar polish, a fantastic “glitter”.

Supernova, three or four coats (can’t really remember). I love this, it’s that stringy confetti type glitter, a lot like Sally Hansen In the Spotlight but way thinner pieces. Super holo and overall awesome. It has a sheer base that’s tinted probably with black so it looks like a super super super sheer grey. Enlarge it to get a better look, sorry if it’s a little blurry.
Here are both glitters side by side over three coats of Groupie. Index and middle have one coat of Double Platinum (see how dense it is?!! Awesome!). Ring and pinky have one coat of Supernova. You can really see how holo it is. 
Overall, I love these both. Very holo, very cool. Both had pretty much the same formula, smooth and apply evenly. They just have different base colors and amount of glitter. 
Until next time,
The Wicked


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