LA Girls Metallic Olive

The next four polishes that I got are from the Metal collection, these are obviously supposed to be metallic. I was super excited to try this one.

Metallic Olive, three coats. So it’s not really metallic and it’s not really olive, but I’m totally digging the color. This has a dark base and loads of the green micro glitter that does flash a somewhat olive color. It’s a dark forest green that’s totally in for this fall and it matches my eyes 🙂 
The formula was very nice and smooth but pretty sheer and needed at least three coats to be completely opaque. I think the sheerness came from the thinness of the polish, I had mixed formulas with these Metals, some where thick and opaque with one coat and others needed three. Other than that I really like this polish and even though it is older, it’s totally on trend for this fall.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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