Concealer 101

Many people have trouble choosing the right concealer for their needs. You have to keep in mind that there are many different types of concealers, depending on what it is you want to cover. 
The stick foundation is best for normal to dry skin that requires medium coverage. However, they tend to slide around on blemishes, making the problem more obvious. This should be used under the eye area where you have few oil glands .
This concealer has the sheerest coverage and can be used anywhere on the face without making it obvious. However, they are not for people who need a lot of coverage. These are good for those with minimal dark circles or for teenagers who just need to cover a few marks. They are very easy to blend onto the skin. 

The pencil come in different thicknesses just like eyeliners. They are great to cover precise spots and can be used to cover blemishes, broken capillaries and around the lip line. 
Concealers that come in tubes offer different coverage, however like foundations you can build it up. They also vary in thickness and may or may not be oil free. They can be used under the eye, face, and for blemishes. However be careful around the lines and any wrinkles because they tend to crease bringing more attention to the problem. 
These also vary in thickness but almost all offer full coverage. Ones that have a drier texture are ideal for those with discolored skin and blemishes because they stick to the skin. You have to be careful of not applying too many layers and always blend very well.
You may also find yourself wondering what these green, yellow, pink, orange and purple concealers are for. Well these each have a purpose and should not be used alone. They are to be used under foundation and are meant to counteract unwanted colors in the skin that even show up after using a concealer. These are only to be used on the problem area not anywhere else. If you know anything of have heard of the color theory then this is the same idea. For example for red skin, rosacea, blemishes and acne you would need a green skin corrector because this will eliminate the red. Yellow is great for dark circles and bruises because it will counteract the purple. Purple or lavender correctors will normalize a sallow face by minimizing the yellow undertones. Orange or peach cancel any blue, which work to cover some dark circles and to brighten complexions 
Until next time,
The Wicked 

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