Tricks to making small eyes appear bigger!

This photo is a great example!!!
I always get asked the question of how to make your small eyes appear bigger. If you have small eyes and always have trouble applying eye makeup, you are not alone many women have this problem. Small eyes can be a bit tricky because you can end up making them look smaller if you use the wrong colors or products. 
Eyeshadow Tricks:
Light shades will help your eye look bigger, a shimmery champagne works great. 
Apply a darker shade in the outer corner and in the crease. However, avoid dark shades because they will make your eyes appear smaller. Use a highlighter in the inner corners and under your brow bone, this will help attract the light. 
Eyeliner Tricks:

Thick eyeliner or eyeliner that is dark will not help because it will actually close up your eye. Instead try soft colors and line the upper eyelid. You can line the water line with a white eyeliner or a beige color for darker skins. You can still use black eyeliner just don’t do any harsh or thick lines. Also, if you want to apply liner to the bottom only apply it to the outer corner, do not line the entire line (line only about one third), and blend with an eyeshadow of the same color.   Lining your entire eye will make your eye look really small. 
Mascara Tricks:

Eyelashes can really open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Therefore, curl your eyelashes at the root and at the ends, for about 5 seconds each. As soon as you curl it start applying the mascara, this way you won’t loose the curl. I recommend applying the mascara at the ends of your lashes first instead of at the root because this will not weigh down the lashes. Then apply the mascara at the root while wiggling the wand side to side. By wiggling the brush you will make sure each lash is coated and will separate them as well.  Do not forget about the lashes in the inner and outer corner. I suggest using the tip of the wand for these areas . Also apply a thin coat to the bottom lashes, not too much!

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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