Manglaze Matte-astrophe vs. Essie Wickedly Matte

I’ve been putting off this comparison/ keep forgetting that I have to do it. hah. So, here it is finally! The matte top coat comparison!

Index- Manglaze
Middle- Essie
Ring- Manglaze
Pinky- Essie
I did one coat of each matte top coat over my previous one coat of Zoya Anja (which I think looks awesome matte!). The finish is the same and the application is also the same. Each dried very quickly and lasted the same. I had it on for two days and neither wore off or anything. Overall, I didn’t find any major differences at all. The only difference is where you can buy them and the price. So, if you like the matte finish, either of these will work for you. I might have to do a longer testing period to see if one wears off.
Until next time,
The Wicked


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