MUD Face Primer Review

First I will do the review on the MUD Face Primer. I first used this product while I was attending my beauty class at MUD. This was one of the products we had to buy and I am glad we did. This face primer goes for $26.00 but trust me it last a very long time because you don’t need a lot of it. 
So far I have used a few face primers and I must say this one is my favorite because  it works so great. I have combination skin and I can get oily around the t-zone especially with warm weather. However, when I use this primer my face makeup looks fresh the entire day and I just have a natural glow. Like I have said before I do not like when makeup looks super dry or even matte, I prefer a natural look. 
But let me make something clear. When you apply your makeup it may look a little on the matte side if your apply powder over it. However, this will leave within a little time after your skin sets the makeup in. After this your skin will look glowy unless you have very dry skin, then just skip the powder all together. 
Back to the MUD Face Primer, I also love this primer because you can mix it with your foundation to make it lighter. Therefore, you will have a 2 in 1. To do this just mix the little foundation you are going to use with a dot or two of the primer depending on how much foundation you are going to use. I do not recommend mixing them before hand. In class we would always mix our cream foundation with the primer and it worked great. By the way, when you mix it don’t be scared if it looks a little weird, that’s normal. 
The only downfall to this product is that you can only get it at the MUD Shops or online. I actually am in need of a new one. Here is the direct link to the Face Primer :
Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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