Tarina Tarantino Fall 2011 Makeup Collection and Runway Halloween looks

Tarina Tarantino Fall Makeup Collection Fall 2011
Pearl Shadow Primer 
Shades: Pearl, Pearl Nude
Sparklicity Shimmer Dust
Shades: Opal, Gold, Bronze
Sparklicity Pure 
Shades: Pure, Pure Opal, Pure Nude, Pure Gold, Pure Bronze
I am very excited to see these two products especially the shimmer dust. 
Jewel Shadow Palettes

Each palette brings 5 different eyeshadows. 
Wonderful- shimmery forest green, gold, and browns 
Lovely- pearl grey, silver, beige, and matte black
Delightful- pearl pink, taupe, and plums 
Dreamy- coppers, golds
Fantastical- pearl mauve, cream, and plums
Fleur de Lash Mascara
Conditioning Lip Sheen– 11 shades available
Sparklicity Gloss– 6 shades available 
Gem Gloss- 13 shades available 

Runway Halloween Makeup Looks 

Found these really cool makeup looks in a website. I think these are really awesome for Halloween if you want a more glam look instead of a scary monster. 

Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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