Wet N’ Wild Cougar Attack

Happy first day of October!!! (It’s actually also National Dessert Month!) I’ve created a personal challenge for myself this month, every post I do will be Halloween themed! I’m really excited and I have some really fun ideas.

But, first and foremost Cougar Attack from the Wet n’ Wild Prowl collection.

As you can see form the bottle, it looks like a black base with orange glitter, but that’s a trick! I guess that totally goes with the halloween theme, the bottle tricks you but the polish is a treat… yeahh.

Cougar Attack, two coats. The base  is actually a semi sheer brown base and the glitter is a coppery orange. I was really surprised at how much I liked this polish. I really wasn’t very excited about it in the bottle. I was ready to layer it over black, thinking it wasn’t going to be opaque but I was very pleasantly surprised when I tested it out on my sister lol. Its very opaque in two coats because the glitter is so dense and the base is dark enough to become opaque when layered.

The formula is pretty thick because of the glitter, not too thick, but more so than I expected. It goes on smooth with good coverage, but be careful not to move it around a lot or you can get some empty spots. The glitter stays put and this polish dries super fast! That was a great feature. But is does dry a little dull so it needs a top coat.

Overall, I really like this polish. The combination of the brown with coppery orange is pretty original, I haven’t seen another polish like it. It has that great fall look without being too halloween, which is really nice. Also, I really love the name. In high school our mascot was the cougar so I have an affinity for them…but also just the fact that it’s called Cougar Attack is freaking awesome!

Speaking of cougars… heres mine

Haha. It’s Cleo!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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