OPI Spookettes: Zom-body To Love!

I love OPI’s halloween sets, they’re always really cute and usually filled with some really nice colors. I saw this one and I couldn’t help but get it.

This set comes with four mini bottles and some halloween themed sticker/decals for your nails.
Left to right:
He’s My Boo- lighter orange
Mummy Knows Best- white
I Only Date Werewolves- black
Zom-body To Love- glow in the dark green

This is the back of the box, it has descriptions of all the colors and also how to replicate the looks on the back. You’ll probably have to enlarge the pictures to get full details.
This is obviously completely Halloween themed. I haven’t looked at the decals yet, I’m going to save those for when it’s actually closer to Halloween and then I’ll show you guys.
The first one I tried was Zom-body To Love. I couldn’t help it. I LOVE glow in the dark polishes.
Zom-body To Love, two coats. How awesome?!!

You can see the fluorescent stuff at the bottom of the bottle, so make sure to shake it up really well.

You probably should enlarge this one and the next one, but I decided to use I Only Date Werewolves to make a little ghost on my ring finger. He was so cute, but super hard to get a close up on camera.. it kept coming out super blurry so I had to settle for a farther away shot.

One thing about this polish, as with a lot of glow in the dark polishes, if you hold it up to the light before turning off the lights, the polish will glow so much brighter.
The formula on this was a bit rough and slightly gritty, but that’s probably from the fluorescent pigment. I did not use a top coat, I just left it on its own. It’s also pretty sheer so you’ll need at least three coats for full coverage depending on how thick your coats are, but in the dark it doesn’t look sheer at all so it’s really nothing to worry about. Also, the color in normal light is exactly like what you see in the bottle in the first picture (I forgot to take a picture of it in normal light, I got over excited about the glow in the dark stuff). The only issue I have, and it’s not even a real issue… but the name.. it just reminds me of Justin Bieber and kind of drives me crazy! 
Overall. I just think the set it super cute and could be great to give as favors for a Halloween party or something. As I said, I really like OPI Halloween sets, even though this one comes with black and white which is kind of a cop out, but I’m excited to try He’s My Boo because I need a decent orange! But I have to tell you guys, when I was wearing Zom-body To Love my favorite thing was going to bed so that I could stare at my nails in the dark lol
Oh! Also! I almost forgot, Zoya is doing a BOGO promotion until 10/5, just use promo code BOGO4 at checkout!

Until next time,
The Wicked


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