Tips for covering acne and dark circles

So the other half of The Wicked and I were talking about concealers this week. She was wondering which concealer was best but I told her I didn’t have an exact answer because I’ve been trying different ones myself. However, I also told her there are many different types of concealers for different purposes. So I thought this would be a good post for me to do. 
Tips to follow:
Only apply on the problem area and keep it to a minimum because it will look cakey if you apply too much. Never rub, just pat down. The best way to blend is with your ring finger. You may apply it with a brush and blend with your finger.
Getting rid of Under Eye Circles
If you have sensitive skin you should try a concealer that is a specifically for under the eye. That is because that area of your eye is very sensitive and can dry out. Also, when putting on the concealer pat it down don’t rub it since it is a delicate area. Tube concealers are great for dark circles and are easy to blend. They also offer good coverage.
Acne and Spots
This can be a little ticker to cover because they are a different color and texture from the rest of your skin. For this reason you will want to get a concealer that is the same color of your skin because if it’s lighter you will just highlight that area. Dab the concealer in tiny amounts with a tiny brush or your finger. Also, acne and pimples tend to be red therefore you will need a concealer with a yellow base to combat the red. Stick, cream  or pot concealers are best because they have a thicker texture which will give you better coverage. Cream concealers stay longer which is ideal for acne or pimples. Pot concealers provide a lot of coverage. Also, I recommend using a powder to set the concealer to make sure the concealer will last longer and won’t slip off.

Until next time, 
The wicked

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