Halloween Makeup Looks and Tips

I gathered some photos to give you guys some idead and inspiration for some Halloween makeup looks:

When creating Halloween makeup looks just try to be creative and think outside the box. You can use other things besides makeup example: rhinestones, feathers, facial hair ect. You can glue all these things with the same glue you use for your eyelashes, I recommend the  brand DUO. If you aren’t allergic to latex then you’ll be fine this is the glue that is always used to glue things to the face at shootd and shows. Also, you might want to experiment with crazy colors or wild eyelashes. Make Up Forever has really cool lashes.

If you have any questions please ask me and I’ll gladly get back to you!!

Also, on Sunday I will be doing a review on the Neutrogena Wave Sonic. I just bought it today and will be trying it later on.

Until next time,
The Wicked


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