Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Laquer in Racy Green!

I actually got this color a good while ago, around July when it came out and never got a chance to swatch it, which is really sad. But now that my halloween-fest is over, I have time to go back and swatch everything! Woohoo!

(natural light)

(sun light)

Racy Green, two coats. It’s a green/ teal/ blue color, kind of peacock-esque. I originally thought that the color would be darker according to Milani’s website, but you know how that goes. The finish is interesting, it’s shimmery but not just pure shimmer. In some lights it looks kind of metallic and foily and in others not so much. I do love it in the sunlight.

The whole set of these are supposed to be fast drying, one coat polishes. Which makes perfect sense because if you only have to use one coat, it should theoretically dry faster. I happened to use two coats because even though the polish was opage in one coat, the color wasnt very saturated and was lighter than the bottle color. The color does build up with the more coats you add, two coats was perfect for me, I’m not sure how much more the color would build up with three. The dry time was very fast though, so I’ll definitely give them props for that.

The formula on it was great. Even though it has all that shimmer and stuff in it, it’s not too thick and is really smooth and has really nice coverage. And even though it is fast drying it spreads really easily.

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