elf Studio Complete Coverage Concealer and elf Studio Pressed Powder Review

elf Studio Pressed Powder 

(left) Buff (right) Coco
Sorry but I couldn’t really get Buff in a photo because it would not show in the photo. It’s a few shades darker than me but in the photo it did not show at all. Buff is for those with medium skin tone.  Coco can be used for counter for those with a medium/dark skin tone. For me it is way too dark as a contour. However. there are very pigmented and have very nice color but I can’t tell you how they are on the face because they are too dark for me, sorry!
In this photo I just wanted to show you that it has another compartment with a square sponge. 
elf Studio Complete Coverage Concealer
 Same order of the palette (left to right)
This palette comes in three selections, they are light, medium and dark. I got the light one. This is great because it has four different shades which gives you the ability to mix them to make your perfect shade. They also have different undertones which gives you variety. I have not tried this concealer yet but when I was doing the swatches I noticed that the formula is thin. So this is not a concealer for someone who needs a not of coverage.
Keep checking for the rest of my elf order!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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