China Glaze Tinsel Town!

So those nails inc swatches are a little delayed, I had all the pictures ready, but got a new phone and none of the pictures transferred ugh. I did try to email them to myself before I switched phones…but they didn’t send. Double ugh. So instead I have China Glaze Tinsel Town from their Let It Snow collection! Obviously the collection is completely holiday themed, and this was my favorite of the bunch.

Tinsel Town, two coats. This is actually a very interesting polish. It has a blackened base, that has a very interesting blue tint to it. If you enlarge these pictures you can see the slight blue color. I think it depends on the lighting, in day light you can see the blue but when it’s darker you can’t. So this polish is jam packed with silver glitter. There are smaller pieces and larger hexagonal pieces (that look round in these pictures, explanation below). I love the combination of this silver glitter and the darker base because the overall look of the polish turns into a charcoal glitter, which is awesome. 

Here is a close up bottle shot so you can see the actual glitter in the polish. If you enlarge this (sorry it’s a little blurry) you can see that the larger glitter is actually hexagonal! On the nail with the naked eye they just look round, so that’s really cool. 
The formula on this is amazing. Even though it is packed completely with glitter it goes on smooth and has killer coverage. It’s opaque in one coat, but some spots can come out with less glitter than others so two coats is perfect. One thing to note is that the glitter may settle a little farther down in the bottle, so you need to fully dip your brush in the polish to pick up all the glitter, or just make sure to shake it up really well. The dry time is pretty good. When I first did my nails with this, I thought they were dry and then ended up smudging pretty much all my nails. So make sure to give it enough time to dry (15 minutes didn’t work out for me) or use a fast drying top coat to speed up that process. So overall, I really love this polish. It’s awesome and sparkly and interesting and super great for the holiday season!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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