Your Guide to Glitter!

So I completely forgot that I had to post today! Hah. Silly me. So sadly, I don’t have anything really productive to show you, so how about we just talk about my new obsession, GLITTER!! 
As I’m writing this and very much rambling about nothing, I got the idea for Your Guide to Glitter! There are so many different types, shapes and sizes and they come in a million different bases. Clear bases, jelly bases, sheer bases, creme bases…anything and everything. 
Here are some types of glitter:
1. Holographic– This kind of glitter can be any shape or size. The thing that makes it holographic is that it is a multichrome and flashes all the wonderful colors of the rainbow.  
2. Flakie– Flakies are larger pieces/ particles that are usually duochrome or multichrome. They are also very organically shaped, not round or perfectly cut out like normal glitter. I love love love flakies. 
3. Micro glitter– This is super tiny glitter that you can find pretty much anywhere. You can have a polish that is just micro glitter, or you can have it mixed in with larger glitter. 
4. Shimmer– This is super super super fine glitter that is mixed in to colored polishes.
5. Bar glitter– This is glitter that is shaped like bars or strings, usually holographic. Bar glitter polishes have been popping up a lot lately and I love them.
How I love glitter…
Until next time,
The Wicked

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