Nails Inc. The Wyndham Collection swatches and review!

Finally! I was finally able to redo the pictures that I lost! I shall now start with The Wyndam Collection! Oh, let me first say that I love all of the polish names from Nails Inc. 
Kensington, one coat. This is a “teal black” creme as described by the package and I definitely agree. Its a really nice deep dark teal (I’m a sucker for dark teals and blues). This polish has amazing coverage, as you can see from this just being one coat.

The Wyndham Overglaze top coat, one coat over Kensington. The base of this polish is slightly milky and kind of mutes out the color underneath, but just a tiny bit. It’s only really noticeable in the sun if you really look at it. It is packed with these awesome flakie/flecks, and it really has a lot of them. In this polish, the flecks flash from green to teal to dark blue, as you can see in the photo (you can enlarge it). Just to note, I did do a coat of Seche over this. 

Here is a kind of blurry close up of the bottle of The Wyndham.
Overall, the Wyndham Collection is just awesome. Kensington is fantastic, I love everything about it: the color, the coverage, the name! Everything. The formula is amazing, it glides on beautifully, is super creamy and is opaque in one coat which is very impressive. It also dries super fast and is really shiny on its own without a top coat. The Wyndham is also really cool. The formula on it is also really great, smooth and glides on nicely. The flakies/flecks in it are great, nice flashes of color and they lie flat, which is great. I love flakie polishes and I had a serious lack of them until I got these. I love the combination that you get with this set. Just everything about it is awesome. Just one thing to note: you can sometimes pick up too much polish on the brush with both of these polishes, but don’t wipe too much off with The Wyndham because you will wipe off most of the flakies. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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