Nails Inc. The Donmar Collection swatches and review!

This is the Donmar Collection, and I may like it even better than the Wyndham.
Chlesea, one coat. This is a “plum black” but its really hard to capture on camera. Again, this is also super opaque and creamy and awesome. I was actually expecting this polish to be more on the purple side, but it is actually more of a very deep burgundy with a hint of purple. 

Here is a close up of The Donmar. They flakies look mostly yellow/orange in the bottle.

One coat of The Donmar overglaze over one coat of Chelsea. In person the flakies go from red/orange to orange to yellow to green to blue. It was hard to capture all the colors without natural sunlight. (its been cloudy here for a while). But you can enlarge these pictures for a better view. In this picture you should be able to see yellow, orange and green.

Mostly green view of the flakies.

Extra picture, hoping you can see some more colors in there.. maybe blue.
Overall, I love this collection. Chelsea has a fantastic formula just like Kensington. Very smooth and creamy, great coverage and amazingly opaque in one coat. The Donmar also has a slightly milky base, but I didn’t find that it mutes Chelsea as much. Love the colors of the flakies in this one and the combination in general, even though I’m not usually a fan of purple and yellow together. 
So tomorrow, I’m headed to a beauty expo! The hair salon I go to teamed up with Nars to have some beauty expo thing, which is pretty cool. In my next post I’ll be reporting back to you guys about anything cool that I may find.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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