NARS! NARS! and more NARS!

So yesterday I went to that beauty expo thing that my salon hosted. I was pretty much makeovers with hair and makeup. The makeup was all supplied by NARS and they had NARS make up ladies doing the make up. My mom actually came with me and after she got her make up done, she was raring to go and decided she wanted to buy a whole bunch of it. So today I have swatches of a bunch of the stuff she bought and the samples that we got.

Left to right:
Shadow pencil in Goddess
Concealer in Chantilly
Concealer in Vanila

Duo Eyeshadow in Eurydice

Left to right:
sample of nail polish in Orgasm
sample of The Multiple in South Beach

Goddess, Chantilly, Vanilla

Orgasm, South Beach
Goddess. Chantilly, Vanilla

Left to right:
Shadow Pencil in Goddess- a shimmery peachy beige color
Concealer in Chantilly- this is the lightest of the concealers that they have. Yep, this is my shade lol
Concealer in Vanilla- second to lightest shade

On the left there is this purple shade (I’m pretty sure that the individual shades don’t have names). It has a slight blue duochrome that you can see in the picture of the actual shadow above (you may have to enlarge it). On the right there is this charcoal shade, it looks darker on the skin in this picture.

Orgasm nail polish, The Multiple in South Beach
Orgasm nail polish- a warm coral color with gold shimmer. Its really similar to Orly Gilded Coral, not sure if they’re dupes.. I’ll have to do a side by side comparison. This is four coats. Its a very sheer polish and even at four coats you can still pretty much see my tips. On the plus side, the dry time is pretty fast. If you wait a minute or so between coats it should dry really fast.
The Multiple (which I’m assuming just means it can be used in multiple ways) in South Beach. It looks pretty orange in the tube but its much more toned down on the skin. 
In general, I love that most of the products come in a tube, it just makes everything so much more convenient. I love love love the concealer, it works awesomely and it super creamy and blends really well. I haven’t tried anything else besides swatching, so not much else to comment on! lol if I do try anything else our, I’ll make sure to let you guys know.

 Until next time,
The Wicked


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