…and more Nars!!

The madness continues! My mom got a little carried away…

Bronzer in Laguna, Blush in Deep Throat

Laguna, Deep Throat


Deep Throat

Laguna- shimmery brown/bronze
Deep Throat- matte pink
Although these two may look super pigmented in the pictures above ( the blush looks crazy bright in person, I was almost scared to use it), but when you apply each to the skin, they are really lightly pigmented. Which is good for bronzer and blush because you don’t want them to look too harsh. I layered these on pretty thick to try and get the colors across on camera. 

Eyeshadow singles in Bengali and Fez (funny, if you personally know me)

Bengali, Fez

Bengali- matte chocolatey brown
Fez- metallic bronze/brown
I like the quality of these eyeshadows a lot, they were really nicely pigmented (this picture is one swipe of each). They’re also really smooth and soft on the skin. You can enlarge this picture to get a better look at the shimmer in Fez. 

Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe
Santa Fe

Santa Fe. This is shade medium 2, so I’m assuming its on the lighter side. 

Santa Fe bottle. You can take off the giant square cap to reveal this normal round cap.
Lipstick in Viva Las Vegas, Lipgloss in Striptease, Lipliner in Morocco

Viva Las Vegas


Striptease applicator. The usual fuzzy applicator.

Viva Las Vegas- shimmery orangey gold
 Striptease- very very slightly shimmery nude
Morocco- chestnut brown
Viva Las Vegas is pretty sheer, so I had to layer it on quite a bit to get this color so it would show up on camera. It is very creamy though and glided on nicely. Striptease also glides on really nicely and was very smooth (I might actually steal it from my mom lol). Morocco is a lighter than in this picture because I went over it a few times for pictures. I felt that the pencil was a little hard for my liking. I’d prefer it a little softer and smoother just because it is a lipliner. 
Overall, from what I’ve seen with Nars I am liking a lot of their products. We also got a lot of skincare items, which my mom is really liking as well. Out of everything I would definitely recommend trying out some of these products if you’re interested, especially the concealer from my last post. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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