Forever 21 Silver Swatches and Review

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a productive Black Friday/ Cyber Monday! I slept on Black Friday so yeah…unproductive. But I do have some pretty cool glitter to show you today.

One coat of Forever 21 Silver over two coats of Revlon Carbonite. Yes. So, yeah Forever 21 polish names are super terrible and not at all creative. Actually I thought it was called Disco Ball because that’s what I recalled seeing on the website, but I guess not. But anyway, this is obviously a holo. It has bigger hexagonal glitter and smaller round pieces in a clear base. The pictures came out kind of strange, its definitely more holo in person and has that rainbow range(you kind of get it in the bottom picture). It’s kind of reminiscent of China Glaze Snow Globe from the Let it Snow collection. 
It definitely adds some dimension to silver glitters which I really like. 
The formula was normal, nothing extraordinary since it is a regular clear base. Sometimes the glitter clumps together and doesn’t spread over the nail evenly. When doing multiple coats you’ll probably have to move and spread the glitter around with the brush. But yeah, sparkly and holo and $2.80.. what’s not to like?
Until next time,
The Wicked

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