Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss: Decadent and Chilled!

A break from glitter polish today! Revlon has a new collection out called Spice It Up, and it has lipgloss and polishes. I saw swatches of a few of them and started obsessing over Decadent, so I woke up today and made it my mission to find it, and I did!

left to right:
Chilled- clear base with blue, pink and gold-ish shimmer
Decadent- purple base with blue and purple shimmer. 

Chilled and Decadent
Chilled, Decadent
The applicator. Both have the same applicator. It’s one of those fuzzy ones but its actually flat. I don’t think I’ve seen an applicator like this before, but I’m not that well versed in lipgloss applicators now-a-days. 
Close up of Chilled (you can’t see the actual color of the shimmer)
Close up of Decadent
If you enlarge this photo you’ll be able to see the blue shimmer in Decadent that you can see in the close up bottle shot above. 

If you enlarge this one, you’ll be able to kind of see the blue and pink shimmer thats in Chilled but didn’t show up on the close up.
So both apply very well, you get a good amount of gloss on the applicator every time you dip it in the tube. They aren’t sticky at all and feel really nice, not thick or anything. Also, they do have a slight scent, kind of sweet maybe kind of like vanilla. It’s hard to place because it’s really subtle, but I like it. 
Decadent is really nice and definitely doesn’t make your lips purple (I was kind of scared of that when I first saw swatches) it just bring your lip color down to a cooler tone. If you want more purple you can always layer it on. 
Chilled is awesome. I love the different color shimmer and the fact that its in a clear base means you can wear with anything and anywhere.   
These are only two out of the whole Spice It Up collection, there are a bunch of others ones. I remember seeing a gold-ish one that I considered getting. Revlon also had a permanent line of lipglosses and there are tons of them. I really like the quality of these, so I would totally try some of the other ones. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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