Zoya Petra

I got this when I got Anja and Cynthia in a buy one get two free promo but never posted it even though I posted the other two. Fail, yeah I know. So without further ado…. here it is!

Petra, two coats. This one is from the Smoke part of the Smoke and Mirrors collection, so its a creme like the rest of them. This one is a dusty purple/mauve color. It really looks different based on the light. In some light it looks more purple, in others grey and sometimes even has a brown tone. 
The formula on it is really good and has really nice coverage, but I wouldn’t expect any less from Zoya. It’s pretty self leveling (evens itself out on the nail so you don’t need a million coats to make it smooth) which is awesome, and dries quickly. I always have high hopes for Zoya polishes and they never disappoint. Always a great brand to fall back on. 
I also happened to buy two more Zoya polishes earlier this week because of one of their flash promos. If you haven’t been following Zoya on twitter or like them on facebook you definitely should because there are supposedly more flash promos to come! These flash promos can happen at anytime and the only way to know about them is to see a tweet or status from Zoya! These tweets/statuses actually have the promo code and its only available for a select amount of people!

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