Zoya Jem

I had originally had thought about getting this polish when Zoya had that awesome buy one get two free promo where I got Anja, Cynthia and Petra. I was really in between Petra and Jem for my last shade, but passed on Jem. But now! Thanks to one awesome flash promo I was able to finally get it and man, I’m glad I did.

Jem, two coats. So… how pretty is that?!! This is definitely a polish that you need to see in person, but the photos come pretty close. It’s a shimmery dark almost berry/ burgundy color that sometimes looks more purple depending on the light. The shimmer in it is awesome, it has pink and gold fleck-ish shimmer. In the bottle this polish is really cool, because you see these amazing swirls of gold shimmer. Beautifullll. It really can change color pretty drastically in the light, so it very difficult to capture all the different facets of this polish. 
The formula on this is typical, awesome Zoya. Great pigmentation that makes for a super opaque polish. You could technically get away with only using one coat if you apply a thick enough coat the first time, but two coats intensifies the color. Also, dry time is really fast just like most other Zoya polishes. This one does need a top coat though, because it will dry a little dull (which I can totally overlook since this color is so pretty and dullness is easily fixable with topcoat). 🙂
Until next time,
The Wicked

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