elf Studio Complete Coverage Concealer- updated review

Happy New Years everyone!! I hope everyone had a great night and celebrated, because I sure did. 

So a little while back I put up some swatches of the
elf Studio Complete Coverage Concealer, yet, since then I have used it a few times. The palette is pretty good because it brings four different shades which can be blended together for a perfect match. 
The formula itself is pretty light and is not very creamy. If feels oily and thin therefore, it is not for those you want a lot of coverage. 
One thing I did notice is that the skin doesn’t absorb it as it should, so it can be a bit of a challenge to make it look natural. Since it is oily I wouldn’t recommend it on oily skin or for those whose under eyes crease especially if you have fine lines or wrinkles. 
However, for younger skin it might work pretty well since most young people have dewy skin and don’t have wrinkles. Also, for the price it is a awesome deal since you get four different shades. This is a good palette to keep just in case you get a small pimple or something that needs a quick fix. 
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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