Time for change- Beauty Resolutions for 2012

Take all your makeup off before going to sleep. 
I know this is pretty obvious but sometimes we tend to forget or skip this step especially after a long night out. Sleeping with your makeup on can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Keep some face wipes by your bed or room for those late night, that way you have no excuse!
Clean your makeup brushes and throw away expired products. 
Try to clean your brushes at least once a month with a baby shampoo and spritz them with an antibacterial brush cleaner weekly. Also, throw away any old makeup products you have laying around especially liquid and cream products (mascara, foundation, lip glosses) 
Moisturize after showering. 
This goes for both your face and body. Taking a warm shower causes your natural oils to be stripped. Therefore, you must moisturize to keep your skin smooth and healthy. 
Stop touching your face.
This takes some time to get use to, but it stops you from getting bacteria on your face. Don’t pick or scratch your skin especially if your hands are dirty. I got used to not rubbing my eyes after starting to wear contacts and I stopped touching my face once I started wearing makeup. 
Be bold!
Try different makeup colors, products! Trust me I know it can be easy to get stuck into the same daily routine. I need to work on this also! In the morning I’m always in a rush and am too lazy to be adventurous but I will try to change it up this year. But remember it doesn’t hurt to try! So go for it!!!
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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