Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Clis! Swatches and Review!

A few weeks ago I made an order from Sephora and had some reward points so I chose the YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils.

They claim:

Yves Saint Laurent MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS Luxurious Mascara achieves an intense, dramatic lash look in a single stroke, for lashes that stop traffic with the blink of an eye. Its secret is the Triple-Film Complex: a film-coating for intensity, a conditioning film for curve, and a fixing film for long-lasting effectiveness.

The mascara is $30, so it is a bit pricey. First off, this mascara is very black and highly pigmented. It also lengthens each lash while adding volume. Even when you apply a few coats it doesn't clump up or make the lashes stiff. It does a good job at defining every lash instead of clumping them together. I also noticed that it holds the curl well when you curl your lashes. 

The formula is scented which at first I was impressed by but after a while it starts getting really annoying. I don't want to spend the whole day smelling my mascara! Also for me the formula is a bit too watery which I don't really like. I like my lashes to look full and I don't think this mascara does it. This mascara is marketed as being shocking and dramatic however, I am not impressed. I don't hate it, I'm just dissapointed, I expected more drama. In the photos I don't have any eyeliner on and the photos are up close they look more dramatic then they really are. With eyeliner they just look regular.

I get more results from the L'oreal mascara that's only about 8 bucks. And as for pricier mascaras, I love the Make Up For Ever mascara. So, I wouldn't buy the YSL mascara because I'm not impressed with the results. I will give it a few more tries and see if I change my mind because that has happened to me before especially with some mascaras. 

Until next time,
The Wicked 

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