Zoya Kristen Swatches and Review! Plus Feel, True and Fleck Effect collection plates!!

So yesterday my Zoya order finally came! Two days early! But it did take about a week and a half to actually ship because of the volume of orders they got for the get 2 polishes free promo. I hope you all took advantage of that promo! I got Kristen and Julieanne and somehow two color plates got added to my order, one for the Feel collection and the other for the True collection and Fleck Effects, which is perfect since that was exactly what my last post was about.

Zoya Kristen, two coats. This is a dusty blue creme, I think it’s a cornflower blue if I’m recalling the correct crayon haha. It’s a really pretty light blue with a slight purple tone to it. I think it looks a little more purple on me, but for some reason it looks more grey in this picture. It really has a much more sky-ish blue tone. I may have to take a better picture in better light : / But it’s pretty anyway!
Kristen is from the Feel collection and since I have the color plates, here it is!
Left to right:
All really pretty dusty colored neutrals. I actually love them for winter. They aren’t bright or too pastel and definitely don’t look like Easter colors!
Now for the highly anticipated True collection and Fleck Effect mylar glazes!
The True collection
Left to right:

Close ups of Cho, Farah and Bevin

Close ups of Skylar, Tru and Lotus. 
You should enlarge these to see the shimmer.
Still not sure how I feel about these. Cho and Farah are more neutrals that I don;’t think Zoya really needs and I’m not sure how they even fit into the collection.
Fleck Effect glazes
Left to right:
Maisie over Skylar
Opal over Bevin
Chloe over Tru

Close ups of Maisie, Opal and Chloe

Close ups of Maisie over Skylar, Opal over Bevin and Chloe over Tru
I wasn’t sure about these because of the colored bases, and now that I see them…ehhhhh. But when layered.. woahhhhh! They look so much better! Opal over Bevin is a little underwhelming for me, but I like Maisie over Skylar and LOVE Chloe over Tru! Just look at it! You need to enlarge it! It’s like purple and deep red and gold and multicolored and amazing! I could get those two polishes just to pair together. 
So, overall I’m a little confused about the True collection, not sure why some colors are in there. or what the collection is supposed to be about. I really don’t get any kind of feeling from it. I do like some of the pairings of the Fleck Effect glazes and True collection colors though. 
What do you guys think about this collection?
Until next time,
The Wicked

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