New Revlon bottle shapes and display!!

I was originally planning to show you Zoya Julieanne today, but it is super cloudy and I can’t get a good picture in the overcast. So, instead I’m going to show you a Revlon display that I came across on Tuesday.

If you enlarge this you can see that Revlon has changed their bottle shape to a round bottle! Instead of that weird cone type shape they had before. I’m not saying that I love this shape, but I do like it better. You can also see that there are tons of colors! As far as I know these are all new, but don’t quote me on that. Even if they are not new, but just have a better formula, I’ll be happy. But some of them are definitely new. 
I think there was even another one or two rows above what is in the picture and if you count, there are 21 different polishes pictured above, so in total there has to be close to 30 colors in the entire display. Nothing really caught my eye enough to actually buy, but I was also way overwhelmed by the amount of colors to look at. I’d probably need a good 20 minutes for this display alone, so I may have to go back and have another go at it lol
Have any of you tried any of these? 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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