Newspaper Nails!

What’s in the news today? Well, it’s newspaper nails!!

 You can enlarge all of these pictures if need be.
So, the base coat is one coat of Zoya Dove (could have used two coats but oh well), then I used rubbing alcohol and newspaper to create the print. 
This is how to do it:
1. Paint nails with a base color and let it dry completely
2. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a cup or into the cap of the bottle and cut newspaper into strips a little bigger than your nails
3. Submerge your nail into the alcohol for a few seconds
4. take your nail out of the alcohol and press a newspaper strip onto your nail for about 30 seconds
5. Peel the newspaper off carefully
6. Repeat for all nails
7. Finish with a top coat!
Its very simple to do, but it may take a few tries to get the hang of it. It took me probably 4 tries until it came out semi right. Make sure to press the newspaper to your nails with a good amount of pressure, if you don’t press hard enough the ink won’t transfer to your nails as well as it could. Mine didn’t come out as dark as I wanted, but I was just happy the words finally came out. Also, I tried to use vodka instead of rubbing alcohol haha but it didn’t work out, it might have been that I just wanted pressing the newspaper into my nails hard enough, but I’m not positive, so I just suggest rubbing alcohol. Overall this definitely looks cool, I like it a lot and is really easy to do.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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