Zoya Avery

This is one of the polishes that I got during Zoya’s Valentine’s Day promo, I bought this one and chose Sooki (review to come) as my free red polish. As, I’ve said before, Zoya has the best promotions and if you don’t follow them on Twitter or Facebook or both, I really suggest you do.

Avery, one coat. Yes, that’s right, I did say one coat. This is a super creamy, opaque, beige, nude shade. It’s a pretty perfect beige, not too yellow and not too pink. I know some people really don’t like ‘mannequin’ hands, but I’m personally a huge fan, so loveeee this. I think it can work for a few different skin tones also. I’m pretty pale and I loved it, but it will also work on skin tones that are a little darker than mine, so it’s pretty versatile. And it’s a great transition polish because it works in any season!
Formula wise, yeah amazing! I can’t rant and rave enough about the Zoya creme formula. This is completely opaque in one coat, and I mean completely. I usually like to do a second coat just in case, but for this I did not need it at all. Ah-maz-ing.
Until next time
The Wicked

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