5 Neon Nail Colors for Summer!

So, this summer is going to be all about neons. Super fun, and bright and perfect for a sunny day.

Zoya Lara, Beach Collection

1. Pink
A very classic color for all seasons, but pinks are especially popular in summer! Bright pinks rule the season and you can even see a lot of people starting a little early. 

Nails, Inc. Baker Street

2. Blue
Blue is definitely the color of fashion today, especially ever since Beyonce was seen wearing this blue nail polish. 

OPI Did It On ‘Em, Nicki Minaj Collection

3. Green
Always a bold color to go with and the best part is that there is such a wide variety of greens!

Color Club Volt of Light, Electro Candy Collection

4. Yellow
Highlighter yellow, always a favorite. This is also true when looking at neon nail polishes. It may be difficult to find the perfect super neon highlighter shade, but there are some that come pretty close. 

China Glaze Make Some Noise, Electropop Collection

5. Orange
Not just for halloween, bright orange (and even subdued orange) is making a splash this summer!

Until next time,
The Wicked


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