Seche Vite vs. Essie Good To Go

About a month ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about top coats and she told me how much she loved Essie Good To Go, so I naturally had to try it out. I’ve been using it in comparison to Seche Vite for a little over a week now and here are my findings!

Seche Vite, I swear by it. 

Essie Good To Go, a new love of mine.
In terms of formula, Seche Vite starts out a nice texture but then tends to get pretty thick after it’s opened, and when that happens there is more of a chance the polish getting bubbly. Last time I used it, my thumb was so bubbly I could not take it. I haven’t had anything like this happen with G2G, I’m down to half a bottle and it hasn’t gotten nearly as thick and goopy as Seche usually does. It may have gotten a little thicker, but its still very manageable and doesn’t cause many bubbles.
In terms of dry time, they are both quick dry top coat so they dry super fast. After dry, they are both super glossy and create a hard protective layer. You don’t have to wait for your polish o be dry to add a top coat, but it does take a little longer to dry that way, I like to let my polish at least set before adding a top coat, to speed it up. I didn’t find a difference in dry time when base polish was wet vs dry.
Both build up around the neck of the bottle, but Seche gets thick and makes it a little difficult to fully close the bottle sometimes, while G2G is thinner and the polish chips off the neck. 
In terms of discoloration, I haven’t had any problems with either top coat discoloring polishes. Usually top coats intensify the color and make it brighter and glossier. Occasionally white polish can get a little discolored over time, even with a top coat, I’ve had this happen with Seche but it’s not that drastic or noticeable. I’ve tested both on white and there was no immediate discoloration, but I assume that’s just the nature of white polish.. just like white clothes lol But I’m still testing this out.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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