Channel’s & Catrice Coolibri’s Summer Collection 2012

Summertime de Chanel 2012 Makeup Collection

Soleil Tan de Chanel
917 Sable Rose – a golden pink tone mix
907 Sable Beige – a golden beige mix

Ombre Contraste Duo
Le Crayon
Rouge Coco Shine
Empreinte – a soft beige
En Vogue – a bright coral
Levres Scintillantes
Sirocco – beige
Calypso – coral
Le Vernis

Island – golden beige
Delight – bronze
Holiday – bright coral
Catrice Coolibri Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Eyeshadow Pen
Precious Nectar – shimmery gold
Virgin Forest – shimmery bright green
Birds Flying High – shimmery blue
Exotica – shimmery red/pink
 Golden Glow Eye Liner
Jelly Cheek Tint
Color Refreshing Lip Balm
 Nectar Gloss
Birds Flying High
Feathery Pink
Gorgeous Blossom
Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Birds Flying High
Twist of Lemon
Virgin Forest

Until next time,
The wicked


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