Target Beauty Bag!

A month or so ago, I entered to get a beauty bag from Target. They were giving away a bunch of them without purchase through Facebook and I was able to get my hands on one!

Here is the actual bag it came in. It’s really cute! It’s a London Soho New York bag, it is a little small for all the junk I usually take with me lol But cute nonetheless.

Top left: This is a little packet of Simple cleansing facial wipes. I’ve been seeing a bunch of commercials about this brand recently and wanted to try them out, so I’m super happy these came in the bag.
 Top right: L’oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer sample. On the back it says you can use it all over the face for subtle luminosity, bled on cheeks and under eyes for a highlighted affect and it works on all skin tones and types. I’ll probably be testing it as a cheek highlight because there is so little of it.
Bottom: Coupons! A booklet of beauty coupons for products featured in the bag and also others, like new Sally Hansen magnetic polish! Really pumped about this!

Left: Nivea Extended Moisture daily lotion. I love lotion and I’m always open to finding a new favorite.
Middle: Neutrogena Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser. Love this because I’ve been on and off considering getting a cleanser but never followed through with it. Also, Neutrogena is the brand of facial lotion that I use, and it is literally the only one that doesn’t make me break out, so I’m excited this is Neutrogena.
Right: Pantene Flat to Volume conditioner. This is part of their fine hair solutions line. My hair is kind of fine, but I have a lot of it so volume it never really a problem for me. I’ll probably be testing this out just because lol
That’s it! Overall, uhmmm I love this! It was awesome of Target to give these out with no purchase and the best part is that the samples are actually really nice sizes (besides the Magic Lumi). I’m excited to try literally everything out!
Until next time,
The Wicked


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