Sinful Colors Miss Sinful Colors American Beauty Collection

By now most of us know that Sinful Colors has a tendency to dupe (or attempt to dupe) most OPI collections. On a recent trip to Rite Aid this is what I found:

Pretty obviously trying to copy the OPI Miss America collection that came out a little while ago. Now I know that copying is inevitable but come on! Same theme and everything! They did the same thing with the OPI POTC collection and even the Nicki Minaj collection (which I forgot to take a picture of). I really don;t mind similar colors or getting ideas from others, but blatant copying is just ridiculous, especially if it comes out way after the original collection. So obvious. 
But anyway, I saw these at Rite Aid and as you can see they are $4.99 each which is expensive for Sinful Colors. I’d rather spend the $3 extra and get the real thing. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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