Taut Perfect Brow Control Review

Price- $10.95 
For some reason I never did a review on this product, and just realized this yesterday while I was looking through my makeup. 
The Taut Perfect Brow Control is described as follows: 

A clear liquid designed to keep brows in place all day. Controls, separates and keeps brows groomed all day. A makeup artist must-have.
This product helps keep unruly brow hairs in place. You can also use it even over any eye brown make-up and it works great as a sealer. The applicator looks just like a nail polish brush. But you can apply it with a clean mascara wand, this helps and makes it easier to apply. 
Honestly, I completly forgot I had this, and therefore have not been using it. However, this is a great product to use for special occasions especially during the summer. This does a great job at maintaning your eye brow makeup even if you sweat or rub it by accident. It does feel a little weird at first because it makes your eyebrows feel stiff, but you’ll get used to it after a little while. 
This is definitly a great product to hold any brow hairs in place or for a special occasion, such as a wedding. 
Until next time, 
The Wicked

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