Jesse’s Girl Glee

This is one of the polishes that I mentioned from my nail polish haul post.

Two coats of Glee over Sinful Colors Black on Black. It’s a sheer blue base with tons of foily glitter that shifts from green to blue. I tried to take pictures of as many angles as possible so that you could see the green, blue and teal color shifts. You can see the different colors in the bottle, but it isn’t that strong on the nail. I think with three or four coats it could be opaque on its own, but haven’t tried it out yet.
This was my first Jesse’s Girl polish and I really like it. The formula was nice and the glitter gets evenly distributed on the nail. Also the glitter isn’t too densely packed, which allows you to decide how much of it you actually want. Dry time was also great, dried really quickly, even with two coats.
I really like the look of this, it looks like a metallic foil and is really pretty. I also love the color shift, teal is my favorite color so I was all up on that! 

Until next time,
The Wicked


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