Inglot 5 Color Palette!

In my last post I told you guys about the Inglot Freedom System, and today I’m going to show you the palette I made!

Cover on

Cover off
Left to right:
DS 498– Black base with multicolor glitter
AMC shine 40– Mauve base with silver glitter
DS 465– Brown base with gold glitter
Matte 344– Taupe
AMC shine 34– Light gold base with gold glitter
DS 498

DS 498  
You can really see the different color glitter here

AMC Shine 40

AMC Shine 40
This swatch is more the actual color, the picture above looks more pink than it does in real life.

DS 465

DS 465

Matte 344

Matte 344
This one is a little hard to see because it is very nude

AMC Shine 34

AMC Shine 34
Again, the swatch is more accurate than the picture above, which is a little too orange looking.
All of these are super smooth and not gritty at all. I’ve yet to try them with primer and do an actual look. I’ve been pretty distracted just looking at them for a few days now lol The colors I chose were pretty neutral. I automatically got overwhelmed by all the colors that they have and it took me a super long time to even choose five. I knew I wanted more neutral colors, but the brights were so awesome, it took a lot not to grab a bunch of them as well (I may need to make myself a bright palette too!). I also tried to stay away from colors that I already have, besides that black because I’m crazy about black with different color glitter.
I also love the palette itself. The colors go in easily, it’s super sturdy and the magnetic top is just a genius idea. Also, if you get more palettes later on, they will all stick together because of the magnets for easier storage.
The price of each eyeshadow is $6 which is about 2.5 oz, and the palette is $11 (bigger ones are more). So in total this palette was $41, a little more than I would usually like to pay, but pretty affordable for a really good quality custom palette. Everything is definitely worth the price and I would recommend it.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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