NOTD: Water Marble!

Ahhh, the water marble; nail art that doesn’t take much artistic talent yet is a little more difficult than it seems. This was third attempt, and first successful attempt.

Right after I  did the actually water marble, explains the dirty cuticles lol.

Weird lighting on this for some reason.
I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, and I used Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Brisk Blue and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Green with Envy and Lacey Lilac. The white base is very important because it helps the marbled colors look opaque on the nail.
As you can see, the colors look a little off from the polishes that I named. Green with Envy? Looks more like yellow here. That’s because when you add the polishes to water they spread out and become lighter and sheerer and some even change color slightly. It’s important to use colors that are very opaque to begin with, like the Insta-Dris. 
A tip that I find lacking on the internet is which polishes to use when doing a water marble. As I said, I’ve tried twice before with no avail. Both times I tried using Orly and OPI polishes, this time I had to do a lot of digging before I realized that Sally Hansens work best for me. I’ve also heard that Color Club polishes work well too. 
Another concern is getting polish all over your fingers. I wish I had a picture of my fingers after I did this haha. I put olive oil on my fingers so the polish wouldn’t really stain, but I found that to be a little messy and flecks of polish would get on my nails and not want to come off. Next time I may try to use tape and see if I fare better with that.
After everything, I think it turned out pretty well. I wish the green would have actually been green, because this color combo just made me think of Easter and I got tired of it pretty quickly. I’ve had the urge to do another marble recently, but just can’t figure out what colors to use, it’s a minor crisis lol
Until next time,
The Wicked

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