20% off Barielle! and nail polish haul!

First and foremost I’ll start with another nail polish haul! I got 4 polishes at the mall today and ordered 3 online.

left to right:
Essie Lapis of Luxury-  light periwinkle (the color in the picture is lighter than actual color)
China Glaze Man Hunt- cobalt blue
China Glaze Jungle Queen- taupe with purple undertone (super pretty in person)
China Glaze Exotic Encounters- dusty jungle green that leans a little toward teal
All these China Glaze polishes are from the new On Safari collection. This is actually a fall collection, and I just saw the press release two days ago and saw the collection in store the same day. You can check out the press release and swatches online. When I saw the press release I wanted like half the collection, but after seeing swatches I only really liked these three. I also got an Essie polish as you can see. I’m usually not a big Essie fan but I just loved the new Bikini So Teeny, but alas it was sold out everywhere! As I was looking for it I noticed that Lapis of Luxury looked really similar so I got it instead, it’s actually a little darker than Bikini So Teeny (the bottle shot looks like the color of Bikini So Teeny haha irony?).
I got all of these in my mall at Beauty Plus Salon. This is one of my favorite stores because they have great prices. All the China Glazes are $4.95 and Essie is $5.95 (which is a steal). Also, if you have a Beauty Plus Salon in your mall, definitely go on their website and print out the 20% off coupon. It’s 20% off any 3+ items!
The 3 polishes that I ordered online are all Zoya. Today is the last day to use the Pinterest Special and get 3 Beach and Surf polishes for $15 plus free shipping. I finally chose on a third color and succumbed to the Zoya! I got Arizona, Wednesday and Zuza! This promo ends today so hurry!
Now on to the Barielle sale!
This is a 24 hour sale, and ends today so make sure to take advantage of it!!
Happy hauling!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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