Melt Proof Makeup!

So these last couple of days have been extremely hot here in New York. With hot weather it becomes difficult to maintain your makeup looking fresh and not oily. Therefore, here are a few tips that can help.

  • Exfoliate– this helps reduce the oil and since your face is oilier it tolerates more exfoliation. However, don’t scrub too hard, or too often, this will actually hurt your skin and irritate it. 
  • Moisturize– wear a moisturizer that has SPF, to protect it from the sun. If you have oily skin use one that’s oil free.
  •  Less is more– during hot weather, the more makeup you apply the oilier and sweatier you’ll look. Apply thin layers of foundation. During the summer I go more for a glowly, tanned look by using a bronzer. This helps reduce the amount of foundation I need. I also use a some shimmery highlight on the apples of my cheek to add more of a glowy look.
  • Throw in a pack of blotting tissues in your purse, if you have a long day ahead and want to avoid looking oily. This is a quick and easy way of getting rid of that excess oil on your face. 

Products That Help 
Smashbox Photo Finish
SPF 15
Revlon ColorStay Whipped
Silicone-based foundation
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 
The Amazonian clay helps minimize the oil on the skin
Stay cool during these hot days!
Until next time, 
The Wicked 

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