Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipcolor Swatches! and Ulta Friends and Family Sale!

I’ve been wanting a light doll pink lipcolor recently, along with some more nude shades. I started looking at Smashbox lipsticks then didn’t want to spend $19 a pop (unless I could get them for 20% off, more on that after the swatches). So, I did some googling and saw some really good reviews on the Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipcolors and off I went!

Strangely, Bare It All (902C) doesn’t have the name printed on the label like the other shades. 

Left to right:
Think Pink- light doll pink
Just Peachy- peachy nude
 Bare It All- beige nude
I’m really liking these colors. Compared to my white hand they look very colorful, but you need to consider that your lips are pigmented and because of that these colors do not look the same swatched here as they would on your lips. My lips are pretty pigmented so Think Pink looks lighter on them than on my hand, and the other two are more beige than my lips so they tone down the pigment in my lips, which I like a lot. I’m a fan of nude nails and nude lips lol
Also, these aren’t very moisturizing so you’ll need chapstick or lip balm underneath, which I would use with any lipstick anyway. In terms of application, they do glide on very smoothly and have nice color pay off, but I do find that they can be a little streaky, so I like to apply the lipstick then blend it a little bit with my finger. That way they products warms up and looks smoother on your lips. 
Overall, I like the colors and I like the way they look on the lips. These were only $1.79 at Harmons Discount so they are really great for the price, and if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t feel bad getting rid of them. So, if you’re looking for lipstick that comes in a variety of colors and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, I really suggest these so you can try a whole bunch of colors!
Now on to the discount talk…
Woohoo Ulta Friends and Family sale is going on now through 7/21!
I wanted to use this to buy the Smashbox lipstick that I mentioned above but the discount doesn’t apply to ‘luxury’ brands, which is less than ideal if you ask me. But this is a great time to stock up on brands like Revlon and NYX because the BOGO1/2 is going on now as well, so you can get the 20% or 15% off along with the BOGO1/2 deals. 
Now I don’t know if Ulta can tell if you are a member or non-member, because the codes do not change from person to person. I got this in an email this morning, as all or most Ulta members have also gotten. 
Also, I’m not sure if there is some way to get the Friends an Family deal in store, these coupons are online only, but I have seen some people post links to an in-store coupon but I have no idea if it works.
Until next time,
The Wicked

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