Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Review!

This is a bit different from the usual, but I thought I would share it will you all anyway. So, I have a younger sister, much younger, and she has super tangly hair! Like I’m talking knots the size of her head. Normal brushes hurt, especially when trying to detangle huge knots. One day, my grandma and I were watching TV and we say an infomercial for the Michel Mercer Detangler. My grandma almost jumped up with joy and wanted to buy it right away, but I’m pretty wary with infomercials and so decided to do some research. I found a bunch of review (mostly from the UK) and they were all positive, so we went ahead and ordered the brush.

 That’s what the brush looks like, as you can see it comes in three varieties depending on your hair. We got the one for normal hair, and it was BOGO so we actually got two of them. It came pretty quickly, in about a weeks time and I’ve been using it for about a week now and I have to say it’s pretty damn good.
It has a ton of bristles all different lengths so that it can more easily detangle, and the commercial boasts that you’ll have less hair in your brush. I have to say that it does detangle very well, but if you have bad knots, like my sister, you will have a bunch of hair in your brush. Also it leaves hair pretty staticy and it does get caught on some tangles.
I usually use a comb to brush my hair, and with this brush I do find less hair coming out. I don’t mind the static so much because it does do a good job detangling. The only thing is that the brush itself is pretty flimsy and cheap feeling. The shape is also kind of awkward, not sure why it’s even that weird paddle shape. 
I guess it really depends on your hair, my sister’s hair takes a while to brush out and this brush still hurts her sometimes when it pulls, but once I got through with her hair it was smoother than it’s every been. I ultimately tested the brush the other day. I had some massive knots and this brush got them all out pretty easily and it wasn’t as painful as with a normal brush. If you have tangly hair, I’d say you should give this a try. 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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