Dr. Brandt Skincare Glow Kit Review

Price- $65 (sephora.com) 

I was looking for new skin care products, after looking at a few I decided to give these a try. On Sephora, it has very good reviews and many people claimed to have great results. 

On the website: 

A breakthrough skincare routine to help reveal a flawless, glowing complexion.”

“The synergistic ingredients of retinol and micronized ruby crystals come together in this kit that mimics the power of Dr. Brandt’s in-office ruby laser procedure.

A potent nighttime skin renewal treatment, glow by dr. brandt™ overnight resurfacing serum is formulated with a time-release retinol complex to promote radiance from within. It stimulates new cell turnover to improve skin texture and tone and softens the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. The second product, glow by dr. brandt™ ruby crystal retinol hydracréme, is formulated with skin illuminators, optical diffusers, and micronized ruby crystals. These ingredients transform light into energy, providing a smoother, more even look and a healthy glowing complexion.”

I bought the kit, which brings both the day and night cream. I’ve been using them both for about a month and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. Old acne spots have cleared up and my skin feels a lot smoother than it did before. My skin now looks healthier and has a glow to it. Since my skin looks better, my makeup also looks better. At first, I was scared it would be too strong for my skin especially since my skin is pretty sensitive, however it did not irritate my skin. I did notice it dried out my skin a little after a few uses around my chin, but it was back to normal after a few days. I also noticed my pores look a little smaller, so I’m happy about that. 

I will buying the full size bottles for both of these because it has helped my skin a lot. 

Until next time, 
The Wicked 


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