MAC Lightful Collection Review

Some of  the Ingredients in these products: 
  • Red Seaweed Extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Japanese Seaweed
  • Hydrating Seaweed Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Cucumber
  • Mulberry Root 

My skin type: Combination- Oily on the T-zone but normal everywhere else

The following products are in the order I use them daily. I use them all in the night before I go to bed. However, in the morning I only use the Cleanser and the Softening Lotion. 

Lightful Cleanser-$25.00
‘With our Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged water now contributing to its impact, this foaming mousse-style cleanser intensifies the overall benefits to your skin. Actively cleanses, rebalances, refreshes, hydrates and brightens the skin.”

Let me start by saying that I always have problems with face cleansers because they start to irritate my skin after a few days of using it. However, I’ve been using this cleanser for a month  everyday and my skin has not had a negative reaction. I use a small amount of the cleanser because it foams up, so you need very little of it. After using it, my skin always feels much softer and feels very refreshed. I really love how gentle it is on the skin yet, it gets the job done.    

Lightful Softening Lotion- $ 31.00
“Infused with the active high power impact of our Marine-Bright complex, this softening lotion conditions the skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel. Impact increases over time.”

The softening lotion comes as a liquid form, therefore it works similar to a toner. I usually apply it with a cotton ball or just apply a few drops on my palms and then apply it on my face. I really like this product because it immediately adds radiance to your skin and absorbs very quickly. When I apply it with a cotton ball, it also helps get rid of any makeup residue. I love how refreshing it makes my skin feel, yet does not feel heavy or greasy.   

Lightful Essence- $40.00
“With the addition of Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged Water to its formula, this lightweight serum now acts more powerfully to moisten, condition and plump skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel. Impact increases over time.”

I use this after the Softening Lotion only at night. I use it during the day on days I don’t wear any makeup. I don’t wear it when I wear makeup because I use primer and I don’t want to have too many layers on at once. I like how fast it is absorbed by the skin, yet I feel I have enough moisture.  

Lightful Moisture Creme- $40.00
“Now enhanced with the active high power impact of our Marine-Bright complex and Super-Duo Charged Water this lightweight, gel-style moisturizing cream works harder to boost skin’s moisture and instantly, and over time, make the skin more luminous.”

I also use this only at night or when I am wearing no makeup. The moisturizer provides enough hydration for my skin, however if you have dry skin I would suggest something more moisturizing. I really like this moisturizer because it does not feel thick or greasy on my skin. 

I really love this line because it does not irritate my skin even though I use it everyday. I also love that it makes my skin feel very refreshed and clean the entire day. For example, today I applied all the products this morning and my face feels like I just washed it and also feels nice and tight. I’ve noticed my skin looks brighter and healthier. It has also helped control the oils on my t-zone. I have some spots from previous break outs and I see they are beginning to face. I will definitely continue to use the entire collection because it has been improving my skin with no side affects, which is a surprise for me. 

Until next time, 
The Wicked 


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