Rock Your Hair Review Part 1: Leave-in Conditioner, Bombshell Big Hair Powder, Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump

Disclaimer: This was sent to be for review

About a month ago, Rock Your Hair by Michael Rourke sent some of their products to try out and review. I’ve split it up into two parts, so lets get going!

I was really excited about trying this out, recently I’ve been on a hair treatment kick, especially leave-in treatments. I use this after I shampooed my hair and towel dried it. I just spray this all over my middle and bottom of my hair, making sure to get everything underneath. Then comb it through and that’s it!
The bottle does not lie. This is a great detangler as well as conditioner. When I comb through my hair, there are no tangles or knots. When it dries, my hair is super soft and shiny. It also doesn’t weigh hair down at all, it just gets down in there and conditions.
I really like that this is a spray, it makes it super easy to get the product everywhere and easily distributed. I like this a lot in general. This is one I suggest trying out if you like leave-in conditioners. The fact that it’s also a detangler is fantastic. 
Big hair powder… kind of speaks for itself. This is powder that you put on your roots for extra lift and body. You just sprinkle it on your hair and rub it in with your fingers.
Again, it does what it promises and will give you big hair if you use it properly. It is a little chalky feeling and it textures your hair a little bit. I can see this working really along with teasing, you’ll get HUGE hair with the combination. 
I’m really not too keen on this, I wouldn’t use it every day. Then again, I don’t style my hair every day. The texture it gives your hair, isn’t my favorite.  I do think this would be great for people with short hair, like pixie cuts. It would be great for texturizing and volume at the same time.
 This is another root lifter, but it is a spray mousse. I sprayed it onto my roots after I did my leave-in conditioner bit and massaged it in with my fingers.
My hair tends to be pretty flat at the top, and flattens out within hours after getting blow dried, so I was excited to try this out as well. I did notice a slight difference when I used this, my hair did keep some of its volume at the top. I didn’t get any huge results, but that may be because I don’t blow dry my hair, I just let it air dry (I try not to use heat tools very often). The directions say to use before blow drying, so I may have to just to test it out.
Overall, I’d say this is a great bunch of products! Oh one more thing… they smell great! Huge plus for me. I’ll definitely continue to use some of these even though I’ve already reviewed them. And how about that packaging? The pink and rhinestones really isn’t my style, but the products speak for themselves. I’ll be testing out the next bunch of products and doing a review soon!
You can buy these online at
Have any of you tried this line yet? Thoughts?

Until next time,
The Wicked

Disclaimer: This was sent to be for review. My opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. 

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