My Favorite Lush Products!

I realized the other day that I’m running out of some Lush products, which means a trip to the Lush store is in order! Then it hit me… I should tell you guys what my favorite products are!

This stuff is awesome! My favorite part is the smell.. it’s like mint chocolate. It’s a sugar lip scrub, you can totally make it yourself, but the scent makes it for me. Depending on the weather I might use this up to twice a day, and it really exfoliates your lips without being harsh.

Great exfoliator. The packaging says face and body but I think it’s a little harsh for the face, for my face at least. I know some people who love it as a facial product. I use it for body only. There are big pieces of salt, so be careful if you have any cuts.. it will sting! 

One of my favorite facial cleansers. This is very gentle but really does a nice job cleansing and lightly exfoliating. If you have mo sensitive skin, I’d recommend this, but it’s really great for any skin type. 
What are your favorite products from Lush?
Until next time,
The Wicked


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